Northern Peru 18 Day tour

US$ 3245* per person domestic flights included

If you want to get off the beaten track, stimulate and awaken those tired senses then Northern Peru is the place to go! Northern Peru has vast range of stunning natural and archaeological attractions that will leave you wondering why this relatively undiscovered corner of Peru isn’t traversed by the boots of far more adventurous travellers! Their loss is our gain

on Machete Tours itinerary we’ll explore the wild fringes of the Amazon Rainforest, the driest desert in the world, the Atacama, running along Peru’s Pacific Coast and the tallest mountains in the World’s Tropical Zone, the mighty peaks of the Cordillera Blanca, the ‘White Mountains’ rising to frozen peaks and vast glaciers from sky blue mountain lakes.

Day By Day Itinerary

Day 1: Lima Arrival

Arriving in Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport you willbe met by a Machete Tours representative and transferredto the Hotel Ducado around 40 minutes from the airport in the Miraflores district of the capital city. On arrival at the hotel you will be offered a complimentary breakfast service. Miraflores is a pleasant, easily navigated neighbourhood with plenty of good restaurants, bars and facilities. At the Larcomar shopping centre there are spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and Lima’s rugged coastline. The afternoon/evening is left free to relax or explore you surrounds as you see fit.

Day 2: Lima to Tarapoto and to Amazon Lodge

This morning we are met in the hotel by our tour guide who introduces the tour and will answer any questions you have regarding your new surroundings and your itinerary. At around 8.00am we begin a tour of Lima’s historic centre, a section of the city with a very different feel to modern Miraflores. We visit the churches of Santo Domingo and San Francisco in the city’s heart around the Plaza de Armas,the beautiful Baroque building of La Merced andadmire the carvings and sculptures of San Agustin. Returning to our hotel we check out and our transferred to Jorge Chavez Airport for our flight into the ‘Northern Peru tour’ Amazon Basin and the friendly jungle city of Tarapoto. Our flight takes us across the continental divide, from coastal deserts over jagged snowy peaks and into the endless green carpet of the Amazon forests. The abrupt change of climate from coolLima to the warm, steamy Amazon lowlands will be instantly apparent as soon as plane door opens. From the airport we will be one hour transfer to the Amazon Lodge.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 3: Amazon Lodge

Today we take a tour with our guide to explore our new Amazonian surrounds. The Lodge and the surrounding habitat offer an excellent introduction to this forest environment, and this is an excellent spot to track down many species of Amazon birds and other small forest denizens. As relaxing areas the lodge has both refreshing modern swimming pool and a natural pool formed by a amazon mountain creek - a full experience with nature.

Breakfast and Lunch

Day 4: Amazon Lodge

The monring activitie is a visit to a new by inside-forest waterfall, this is a morning walk along jungle trails in a elevation terrain. The area around the lodge is exellent for bird watching and other wild lifes as monkeys and roedors. In the afternoon there is another walking activity along the river side until a look out point from where we can appreciate a great green valley and the Huallaga River crossing it. Late afternoon/evening activity is a search for colourful rainforest frogs around the lodge.

Breakfast and Lunch

Day 5: Amazon Lodge to Gocta Waterfalls

We depart from the lodge onto a seven hours private bus ride until our next destination; the village of Cocachimba where our comfortable lodge is located. The lodge has a privilege view over the world’s third highets water fall, Gocta Water Falls and awesome-relaxing surroundings. The rest of the day is free of activities.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 6: Trek to Gocta Water Falls & Karajia Tour

After an early breakfast we begging our horseback riding tour to Gocta water falls ground end. This is a total of 10km tour where each participant has a horse. Along this tour we ride or walk along the mistical cloud forest in a up and down terrain. After aprom. 2 hours we arrive to the down en of the water fall from where you can apprecite the fall’s magnificence. We return to the lodge at around lunch time.

In the afternoon we begin our exploration of the fabulous archaeological riches in the province of Amazonas. Part of an area known as Gran Vilaya, a region explored extensively by American adventurer Gene Savoy this area contains more than 20000 stone structures and monuments from the ancient Chachapoyan civilization, the ‘CloudPeople’. Our ‘Northern Peru tour’ guided trip takes us to the particularly fascinating areas of Karajía and San Antonio where 2 ½ m carved sarcophagi were placed in niches high on the walls of a spectacular ravine. After an exploration of these we continue, taking in the regions lovely scenery, waterfalls and deep river valleys. We return to the lodge at the early evening.

Breakfast and Lunch

Day 7: Gocta Lodge and Kuelap Tour

At 8.00am we depart for our tour of Kuelap, a walled city constructed between AD 900 and 1100. Situated on a defensive hilltop the site follows the ridge for more than 1km, with many smaller structures within the walls to explore. The sheer scale of the site equals the achievements of Latin America’s greatest pre-Colombian civilizations a tribute to the ingenuity of this relatively unknown culture that thrived here for hundreds of years until the arrival of the Conquistadores in the 16th Century. Leaving Kuelap we travel back to Chachapoyas, stopping at the pretty village of Maria for lunch on route. Tonight we stay again at the elegant Casona Monsante Hotel in Chachapoyas town.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 8: Gocta Water Falls to Máncora

It’s an early start this morning as we have breakfast and head for Chachapoyas busstation for our 8 hours bus journey across the mountains to the coastal city of Piura. On arrival at Piura we will board another comfortable bus and be transferred to our beach hotel in Mancora, this is another 3 hours ride to the North, close to the frontier with Ecuador. Here in Northern Peru the coastal climate is comfortably warm year round – the perfect spot for a well deserved rest and relaxation. Our ‘Northern Peru tour’ accommodation for the next 2 nights at a beach side Hotel.


Day 9: Máncora

Máncora is famed for its lovely beach and year round bathing opportunities – it’s also well known as one of South America’s best surfing spots, and if you fancy catching a wave of two suite and board hire is easily arranged, plus lessons for beginners! If surfing doesn’t catch your imagination many other optional activities are available from rafting in the dry forests of Cerros de Amotape Nation al Park through to horse riding on the beach; Of course there is always the option of relaxing on the beach and soaking up a few rays!


Day 10: Máncora

Máncora is famed for its lovely beach and year round bathing opportunities – it’s also well known as one of South America’s best surfing spots, and if you fancy catching a wave of two suite and board hire is easily arranged, plus lessons for beginners! If surfing doesn’t catch your imagination many other optional activities are available from rafting in the dry forests of Cerros de Amotape Nation al Park through to horse riding on the beach; Of course there is always the option of relaxing on the beach and soaking up a few rays!


Day 11: Máncora to Chiclayo

This morning we have breakfast and have a last opportunity to appreciate our wonderful seaside environment before beginning our journey South again to Chiclayo. Our ‘Northern Peru tour’ guide will point out interesting areas of the coastal desert environment, including sections of rare and highly endangered coastal dry forest, unique to this Northern Peru and Southern Ecuador. Arriving in Chiclayo at around 20.30, we check at the Hotel located in the city center.

Breakfast and Lunch

Day 12: Chiclayo

Today we begin a tour of the region surrounding Chiclayo, an area controlled at various times by several major preColombian Civilizations – the Mochica, Lambayeque/Sican and Chimu Cultures. The secrets of these great cultures are only now being discovered and haven revealed some of the most stunning finds in the America’s. We first visit the Pomac forest sanctuary, which also contains the ruins of Sican, a complex of vast adobe pyramids that rise in spectacular fashion above the forest canopy. After a hearty lunch we move on and explore the huge complex of pyramids, ceremonial sites and residential areas that make up Tucume. This site was originally inhabited by the Sican/Lambayeque cultures, only to be conquered by the Chimu and finally built on by the Incas. The site is fascinating for the remains of the many cultures that have passed through and left their distinctive marks. We visit the Tucume Museum which contains some of the artifacts discovered at the site, together with reconstructions of how the site would have appeared in pre-Colombian times. This area and the La Raya Mountains is still a place of spiritual and religious significance, and the region is still famed for many shamans who still practice hear. Visitors of Scandinavian origin may also be interesed to know that famed Norwegian archaeologist and explorer Thor Heyerdahl, writer of ‘Kon Tiki’, once led excavations and studies at this site. Return to spend a comfortable evening in Chiclayo.

Breakfast and Lunch

Day 13: Chiclayo to Trujillo

This morning we visit the famous ‘Museo de las Tumbas Reales de Sipan’, the resting place of the incredible funerary finds of a powerful Moche Priest clad in gold and turquoise ornaments. Around 1800 years old, this and 11 other royal tombs are among the finest of their kind to be discovered in the Americas and unique for their incredible state of preservation. After viewing these ‘Northern Peru tour’ treasures in this wonderfully realized museum we begin a comfortable bus ride South to Trujillo, Peru’s third largest city and a major agricultural hub within the country. On arriving in Trujillo we check into the hotel. In the afternoon we visit the world’s largest abobe (mudbrick) city, the vast ruins of Chan Chán, the imperial city of Chimu empire. Dating from around 1200 years ago, this city and the Chimu people were conquered by the Incas in 1471 after a conflict lasting more than a decade. After viewing many of the sites highlights with our guide, including palaces, temples, agricultural storage areas and the extensive canal system. After tour we return to the hotel. Evening is free for your own leisure.

Breakfast and Lunch

Day 14: Sun & Moon Piramids to Huaraz

In the morning we visit the huge Moche pyramids of the Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna. On the Huaca de la Luna it is possible to view beautiful murals still with their original colors, representing scenes from ancient Moche myth and day to day life. We return to Trujillo for lunch and in the afternoon we catch a comfortable bus service to the spectacularly sighted city of Huaraz. We arrive in Huaraz at around midnight and get privately transferred from the bus station to the hotel.

Breakfast and Dinner

Day 15: Huaraz

The morning is left free to rest and recover from our journey or have a look around Huaraz. Huaraz sits in the shadow of the beautiful Cordillera Blanca, ‘the white mountains’, the highest tropical mountain range on earth, and the greatest concentration of glaciers in the earth’s tropical zone. On a clear day the vast looming presence of Huascaran, Peru’s tallest mountain at 6768m is visible from the city. In the afternoon we take a bus tour to the lovely glacial lakes of Llanganuco, visiting the charming villages of Carhuaz and Yungay on route. We return to Huaraz in the evening.

Breakfast and Lunch

Day 16: Huaraz

Today we take a spectacular roadtrip through the mountains to the impressive and remarkably well preserved temple of Chavin de Huantar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Constructed around 1200 years ago the system of tunnels and well preserved carvings is the only major discovered location of the great Chavin culture that held sway over this section of central Peru long before thearrival of the Incas. After an exploration of the site we return to Huaraz, passing for a second time through the formidable piece of engineering that is the Cahuish tunnel, drilled through a monumental rock face at an altitude of 4550m. We return for a final comfortable night in Huaraz.

Breakfast and Lunch

Day 17: Huaraz to Caral to Lima

An early start see’s us on the road at 6.00 in the morning, travelling by bus and heading towards Caral, a coastal pyramid complex that is thought to represent the oldest city complex in South America, dating from approximately 2600 BC. Passing some spectacular scenery on the way, including Laguna Conococha at over 4000m, we then descend to the coastal desert North of Lima. In this area we begin our ‘Northern Peru tour’ of Caral. After the tour we eat at a local woman’s co-operative, before continuing back to Lima on the coastal highway. We arrive in Lima at around 9 pm, checking into our hotel to relax after another action packed day.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 18: Lima

In the morning we visit the Museo de la Nacion for an excellent overview of art and incredible cultures and archeological heritage that we have witnessed on our tour of Peru – a country whose attractions span both the past and present and which you will remember for many years to come. After a visit to the museum we will be transferred to the airport and check in for your international flight.


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On this journey we visit the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chavin de Huantar, dating from around 800 BC. In the mist clad forests of Chachapoyas we witness the vast mountain city of Kuelap, a huge and remarkable citadel more than 1km in length and 1000 years old. Travelling the dry Peruvian coastline we visit the vast pyramid complexes of Sipan, Tucume and Chan Chan, the largest adobe city in the world, relics of the Moche and Chimu cultures that flourished before the Incas. Getting a little break from the action we will also have time to kick back and relax on some of finest beaches in Peru at Mancora, famed for being one South America’s top surfing locations for those wanting to try out surfing for the first time!

As on all Our  tours, you´re taken care of from beginning to end – airport/dock transfers and domestic flights are included!

Depart any day and customize your Peru tour at no extra charge! We are family tour specialists.

  • Private airport pickup at the beginning of trip and drop off at end of the trip
  • Southern Crossings bilingual guide
  • Domestic flights – Lima-Puerto Maldonado, Puerto Maldonado-Cusco, Cuzco-Lima
  • Seven nights of 3 star hotel accommodation, three nights of camping (on the Inca Trail), two nights 3 star jungle lodge accommodation, one night family stay on Lake Titicaca
  • Four day Inca Trail excursion –  including bilingual guide, food, cooks, porters, tent, sleeping bag and mat
  • Guided tour between Cusco and Puno, including buffet lunch
  • Private two-day Lake Titicaca excursion
  • Three day rainforest lodge excursion
  • Six breakfasts, seven lunches, and six dinners while on Inca Trail, rainforest and Amantani Island excursions
  • Breakfast – included every morning with your hotel stay
  • The Cusco Visitor’s Ticket – which includes entrance to the ruins in and around Cusco and the Sacred Valley, and many churches and museums in Cusco
  • Private Machu Picchu excursion – including bilingual guide, round trip train fare, transportation to/from ruins/Aguas Calientes, and entrance to the Machu Picchu sanctuary
  • Private Lima city tour
  • Private Cusco city tour
  • 24 hour customer support line while on tour

Travel Insurance is not included – a good policy covering all tour activities and possible health emergencies is
highly recommended and should be considered a priority.
International flights can be purchased independently or by consulting Machete Tours.
• Tipping is expected in Peru (although this is not essential).
• Airport Tax for international flights (currently $35).
• Meals not specified in the program
• Alcoholic beverages

  • Required documents

    All travelers to Peru are required to have a passport valid for at least six months from date of entry. Visas are not required for E.U., U.S., Canadian, Australian or New Zealand passport holders. For other nationalities, please consult the nearest Peruvian embassy or consulate. An onward ticket and proof of funds may also be required at entry and should be available to show to immigration. Traveler’s checks, currency, or a bank statement, from the bank or printed off the internet, are sufficient for proof of funds.

    Required immunizations

    Travelers may wish to receive hepatitis vaccinations and should be current on all other standard vaccinations. The rainforest area of Peru (approx. 3500 ft. and below, east of the Andes) is a malarial and yellow fever zone. The yellow fever vaccination is reccomended and travelers may wish to take malarial prophylaxis. Please consult your physician or local health department for more information.

    Things to bring

    One should come prepared for outdoor activity at temperatures ranging from 35° to 85° Fahrenheit / 2° to 30° Celsius, and for extremes of sun and the possibility of rain. A recommended list of things to bring:Please note: We provide a sleeping bag, foam mat, and of course tent. While hiking the Inca Trail, porters will accompany us to carry most of our things, including all the camping gear. Each passenger is allowed 15 pounds of personal items which will also be carried by the porters. Such items would include warm clothing for camping, toiletries, a book, music, or other entertainment, etc. During the day we’ll be using a daypack and will just need to carry water, snacks, rain gear, and a layer or two for changing weather conditions. Most people also carry a camera.

    • Passport and, if necessary, visa
    • ATM card (notify your bank you will be travelling to Peru)
    • Airline ticket
    • Photocopies of airline ticket and documents
    • Wearable pouch for documents and money
    • Sturdy backpack or suitcase
    • Smaller, comfortable day pack
    • Hiking boots or sneakers, comfortable and worn-in
    • Sandals or flip-flops
    • Rain poncho or jacket
    • Waterproof pants
    • Sun hat
    • Hat for cold weather
    • Warm clothing for cold weather (think layers)
    • T-shirts
    • Socks (thin wool or biking socks are best), undergarments
    • Swimsuit for hot springs
    • Camelback or Nalgene refillable bottle (optional)
    • Flashlight and/or head lamp
    • Sunscreen (biodegradable & eco-friendly)
    • Insect repellent (biodegradable & eco-friendly)
    • Lip balm
    • Earplugs
    • Alarm clock or watch
    • Sanitizing hand wipes or gel
    • Camera / Camera batteries
    • Binoculars
    • Reading material
    • Toiletries

    It is best to bring from home such items as prescription medications, eyewear and care, unusual film and camera batteries. Please bring all used batteries back home with you to recycle!


    For your international flights, please check with your airline. Within Peru, you are allowed 20 kilos (44 lbs) of checked baggage, as well as one carry-on and another small, purse-like item. The carry-on size regulations are the same as international carry-on size regulations.


    Rain is possible at any time of year, especially in high mountains and cloud forest, and one should always be prepared. The climate in sites we will visit is as follows:

    Cusco and the Sacred Valley: days are warm if sunny, slightly chilly if cloudy. Nights are chilly in Cusco.
    Lake Titicaca: similar to Cusco but colder.
    Lima: warm to hot days, cool evenings, almost never any rain.
    Amazon basin: hot and humid year-round. We recommend light clothing (in weight and in color) that fully cover arms and legs to avoid mosquito bites.

    Money guide

    The unit of currency in Peru is the nuevo sol. Automatic cash points are available in Lima and Cuzco. Visa, MasterCard, Plus, and Cirrus are the most common usable types of cards. Traveler’s checks are difficult to cash (American Express is best but you may be charged 5-8% to cash) or a Visa or MasterCard for cash advances are also options. Do not bring Money Grams or International Money Orders, as they are extremely difficult to exchange. Banks and exchange houses are available in Lima and Cuzco. For currency, U.S. dollars are recommended and most easily exchanged. Please note that cash must be untorn. It can be older-looking, but even the slightest tear on an edge will make it un-changeable. Acceptable bills come out of the ATMs in country. Expect to spend about US$3-10 on a meal, US$2 on a beer, water or soft drink in Peru. Artisan market prices are usually lower than people expect. Alpaca sweaters, for example, run between $5 and $30. Currency Converter

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