About us

Machete tours is an adventure and eco-tourism company specializing in high standard and expertly run experiences in Latin America. Danish Born Tine Ansbjerg and Peruvian Ronald Rengifo Pezo have successfully pioneered and nurtured a company that combines the best of efficient Northern European business and management practices and Latin American knowledge. Running in parallel to this Machete Tours maintains a high degree of ethical and environmental practices, ensuring that local communities and environments benefit on the variety of levels from the work of the company.

Machete Tours started as a small specialist eco-tourism operator in the magical environment of Manu Biosphere Reserve in the South-Eastern Peruvian Amazon – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, encompassing a range of Andean and Rainforest environments. From these humble beginnings in the year 2000 Machete Tours has grown into a major Peruvian Tourism operator – covering the length of breadth of the country with diverse and creative itineraries. Since 2008 Machete tours has been expanding operations further, with itineraries now running in Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Galapagos Islands. Today we continue to expand our operations while maintaining our high standards and commitment to quality that have been the foundation of our success since the beginning.

Objectives of Machete Tours

Machete Tours believes and is committed to in using Eco-tourism as a tool to encourage the protection of the natural environment. We endeavor to encourage a love and respect of nature through enhanced understanding and awareness, both in our staff and clients. With local communities we create frameworks were the eco-tourism business promotes truly sustainable use of pristine natural environments and nature. These benefits are shared equally and fairly and with communities with no loss to the natural world. Local communities not only benefit in the physical and financial sense but also from education and literacy initiatives spearheaded by the Tine and Ronald in Peru Hans Christiansen Library Project.

Machete Tours Staff

Using an established group of expert Latin American staff, Machete Tours guides are all licensed to work on the routes described in our itineraries. All our guides are at least bilingual, with the minimum requirement being fluency in English and Spanish. All our guides have an excellent awareness of the natural environment, and all staff go through extensive first aid training. Similar qualities are also required of our excellent support staff including cooks, drivers, boatman and porters.

Machete Tours Itineraries

On this website you will find a wealth of information describing our itineraries throughout Latin America in detail. Tours can fitted together to form larger itineraries and in some cases accommodation upgrades may also be possible – just give us a call to discuss this further. Tailor-made itineraries for individuals are another possibility. With each tour an introduction provides an overview of what the experience involves, followed by a daily breakdown of events and experiences on your Latin American adventures. Even more detailed descriptions of our products can be requested, along with country specific travel information and notes. These will always be provided to clients before you set off on your Latin American Experiences.

Meals. (Where meals are included this is indicated in our tour itinerariesJ

B = Breakfast included, L = Lunch included, D = Dinner included.

Meals may be served in selected restaurants or they may be prepared by our company cooks, especially when on wilderness or trekking tours. If you are vegetarian or have any special dietary requirements please contact Machete Tours before your departure on your selected tour – preferably at the time of booking. Machete tours provide excellent, nutritious meals making the most of local organic foods and produce were available. Hygiene is a top priority of all our culinary staff.

Meals are often not included when in large cities such as Lima, Arequipa, Puno, Cusco, La Paz, etc. – this enables clients to explore their local surroundings and choose from a wide range of tasty available options! Our guides will also always be able to advise clients as to recommended eating establishments.


Machete tours use a wide range of accommodation depending on the nature of the trip – from fully supported camping trips in remote mountain and jungle regions. To luxury hotels and the Amazons most luxurious cruising boats, such the M/V Aqua.

Ethnic Policy

Machete tours operates a totally non-racist policy as is open to clients of nationalities and races. Local Peruvian clients are welcomed with us on our journeys.

Rubbish Disposal and Hygiene

Rubbish disposal – following from our environmentally sensitive working policy all rubbish carried out of trekking, natural and protected areas and disposed of by the safest possible means.


“We believe that love and understanding for nature comes through living amidst it”


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