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Peru Classic Program

16 days
From the marine wonders of Pacific Ocean through ancient desert cultures of the Nazca and up on the spectacular Mountain heights of the Andes, Peru is a nation of awesome landscapes and diverse living cultures. In our 16 day Peru Classic Program Itinerary we investigate the offer 2 ½ weeks of action packed adventures, from flying low over huge and mysterious forms of the Nazca Lines, carved into the vast and empty desert to watching thousands of playful sealions and even dolphins surrounding the rich seas of the Ballestas Islands.  In Cusco, Ancient Capital of the magnificent Inca Empire we discover Peru’s living culture and magnificent ancient monuments. We visit the inspiring and beautiful ‘Lost City of the Incas’, Machu Picchu, located in an awesome location on an Andean Ridgetop, surrounded on 3 sides by steep forested canyons and often enveloped by the clouds themselves. Often enveloped by mists rising from the Amazon Basin, Machu Picchu is truely a ‘city in the clouds’. The reasons why it was abandoned are still a mystery, but our guided tours throughout the journey provide an intimat... Read more

Peru Classic Tour

13 days
Our Peru Classic Tour itinerary packs in many of Peru’s magnificent landscapes and classic experiences into a nonstop 13 day tour. Witness the awe-inspiring beauty and power of nature at the Colca Canyon, a dramatic tear in the Earth’s surface, twice as deep as North America’s Grand Canyon. Above this vast landscape the world’s largest flying bird, the Andean Condor rides the thermals on 3 m wings. The plains around Arequipa provide sanctuary for Vicunas, the wild relatives of Llamas and Alpacas and vast volcanoes, some still active, dominate the landscape. Explore the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, home to the Uros, the floating islands and indigenous people from both the Quechua and Aymara cultures. The great glacial mountains in the vicinity of Cusco and the Sacred Valley, gods to the Incas and to the local people are additional reminders of the great forces that have sculpted not only this landscape but also its people and its cultures. From Indigenous cultures arriving in South America thousands of years ago grew the power of the Incas. Machu Picchu, the remarkable UNESCO world heri... Read more

Peru Classic Program

19 days
Peru is a land of contrasting landscapes and cultures, a land with fascinating history and a nation bursting with spectacular wildlife, proud traditions and colourful, welcoming people. Our most extensive Peru Classic tour takes you on a 19 day odyssey across landscapes as unique, strange and wonderful as any on earth, from the cool wildlife rich waters of the Pacific Ocean, across the barren and seemingly lifeless plains of the driest desert on Earth, into the great ice clad heights of the Andes Mountains and finally into the lush green wildlife wonderland of Amazon Rainforest - the planets greatest and most biodiverse expanse of Tropical Wilderness.  On Peru Classic tour route we discover the little known marine hotspot of the Ballestas Islands, a fantastic area to spot Sea Lions (which occur here in their thousands), flying over the enormous mysterious Nazca Lines – geometric figures and images of animals echoed into the landscape more than 2000 years ago – an awesome site. We witness the living beauty of the world’s largest flying bird, soaring on 3m wings over the Colca Canyon, one of World’s deepe... Read more
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