Why is called Machete Tours?

The Machete is the tool of choice in tropical Latin American Regions, the Caribbean and parts of Africa – a long bladed knife, with the blade itself up to 60cm long. It’s a very flexible tool that can be used for a huge range of tasks, from opening coconuts to cutting sugar cane and bamboo through to cooking tasks. Being such a great tool to use, I always had a Machete with me when starting my guiding career in the Amazon...I could make safe and clear trails for travellers and open up paths to new and interesting areas where people hadn’t been before.

I always had a passion for adventure, exploring new areas where people hadn’t set foot in before and showing travellers these new places. When I decided to start my own company, the flexibility, practicality and ability to open up new routes that the Machete gave me seemed to represent many of the key qualities of my new business.  ‘Machete Tours’- exploring new and creative routes in diverse, wild and wonderful regions of South America!  

Why is called Machete Tours? - Machete Tours