Reducing the CO2 emission

Dear Traveler,

Following our principle and commitment with Eco-tourism, we in Machete Tours are now taking actions against air travel emissions of CO2, which is helping to climate change and temperature increasing.
Our action is for compensating and reducing the CO2 emission of air travel by supporting local projects in developing countries. The project are selected, overview and implemented by a third party organization.

Thereof, we are hereby proud of presenting you our cooperation with

Atmosfair is an independent non‐profit organization based in Berlin, Germany and provides offsetting of air travel emissions on an established best practice basis. Individuals and companies can voluntary pay climate fees and therewith finance emission saving projects in developing countries that save the same amount of emissions elsewhere. Using serious monitoring mechanisms and detailed information, atmosfair guarantees that the money really goes where it should.

The tourism industry is one important field of activity for atmosfair. With the atmosfair emissions calculator atmosfair calculates the carbon footprint of flights and enables passengers to offset the produced emissions in high quality projects in developing countries, that reduce emissions and improve the living conditions of the locals.  

We Support You in your Action of Compensation.


We as Machete Tours Sweden AB will cover the 50% of your voluntarily air travel emissions of CO2 compensation fee. The compensation fee is to be done directly into atmosfair web page where you will receive a receipt of your compensation (in German). You will also receive from atmosfair a compensation certificate in English followed by information about the project where your donation is supporting. We will need a copy of your receipt by email in order to cover the 50% of your fee.

We aim, that together, we help to revert the impact of Climate Changing by supporting Carbon Offset Projects in sustainable development and combating poverty.


Sincerelly yours,


CEO -  Ronald Rengifo


Reducing the CO2 emission - Machete Tours